For too long, the industry
has forgotten about the importance
of a well-trained shop-floor employee.
We are going to change this…
School Without Walls

… Our mill is losing hundreds of years of papermaking knowledge and experience each year and this will continue for the next several years…

… One practice that is saving time and money is providing our trainees with access to the School Without Walls (SWW) papermaking eLearning curriculum…

… It has sparked their interest to know "why”, instead of just knowing “how”.  Instruction in theory and fundamentals help develop “button pushers” into papermakers and troubleshooters…


January 2016 – Domtar Ashdown
The Domtar Ashdown mill will use the School Without Walls eLearning tools to help train its workforce. An important training project is ongoing to support the paper machine conversion at the Ashdown, Arkansas mill to a high quality fluff pulp line used in absorbent applications such as baby diapers, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products

January 2016 - Maintenance Skills Development at Norampac
Following a first phase launched in January 2013, The Niagara Falls mill will once again use HumEng’s mechanical maintenance eLearning modules to train new hires and to refresh the knowledge of its maintenance technicians..

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School Without Walls is a family of world-class pulp and paper training solutions. Papermakers around the world use School Without Walls as the most cost-effective way to ensure increased competitiveness and performance.

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The best papermaking and training providers have come together to implement the broadest and most efficient learning opportunity in the P&P industry. The result - a highly skilled workforce at a lower cost and in less time. School Without Walls is the industry benchmark for operator training, the perfect fit for your organization.


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